Cook With Me~ New Series

Hi everyone, I am really fascinated with so many amazing recipes I keep bumping into. I just feel like cooking them all. I wish that was possible. I decided lets try & cook some amazing ones which you send me. Yes, I am starting a new series, where I will be cooking your recipe &…

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Half Way Done!~2020

June, almost half way through this year. With so much going around, there is so much this year has been, a learning experience. More than anything it’s about feeling different. Different emotions. Some days you feel optimistic about the days ahead and some, you just want to block everything things you are hearing, seeing or…

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About Me

Hi there,
I am Shilpi. (learner, blogger, wanderer, cook & big time foodie!)
This blog is about our (Me & husband) travel stories & day to day cooking diaries. Lets connect with all you amazing people out there to explore our endeavors & grow together.
Thanks for visiting.

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