Mashed Potatoes Baked French Fries

Happy Friday Guys! It’s the weekend and time to cook some whole some meal for you and your family. I love Friday dinners specially because its weekend and you can experiment with your meals. No hurry just enjoy your meal with a good movie and be grateful for everything. We all know its not possible…

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Healthy Dhokla Recipe in Instant Pot

Hey guys! Very excited to share with you all this easy make at home khaman dhokla recipe in Instant Pot. It’s a super healthy snack. You can munch it in the evening with tea or have it for breakfast. Very light on stomach and tastes amazing too. Khaman Dhokla is a Gujrati dish, tastes a…

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Cheesy bread pizza loaded with lots of cheese & fresh veggies. Dominos Style cheese burst pizza is a very famous pizza back home (India). I am always eager & looking for something that is similar here in USA. Cheese burst pizza are loaded with cheese. Cheese inside the crust and over the topping. Cheese is…

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These loaded Vegetarian Tacos stuffed with Beans, Guacamole, Veggie Salad, lemon, Sour Cream made with Yogurt with some cheesy-ness! Enjoy these Tacos when baked or otherwise. Tacos are magical! In a way they are filling, good for the soul thanks to the sauces & the body too, thanks to the vegetables. I experimented making two…

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Chocolate Cup Cakes Recipe

Made these chocolate cupcakes recipe at home for valentines day. It’s a very easy one with minimum ingredients. You can change the icing & the decorations as per the occasion. RECIPE: Do watch the video to see the step by step process. If you liked the video do SUBSCRIBE the channel. Thanks for watching.

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Very easy Falafel & Hummus Recipe (Mediterranean Food)

Falafel has become my new favorite after coming here to the USA. It makes a great appetizer when teamed up with Hummus. My recent favorite for Friday dinners or in-house parties. Be it as appetizer, or with rice and even using it as kebabs to make pita bread rolls. They are a perfect meal for…

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Ginger Bread Recipe!

I tried baking Ginger Bread for the first time this Christmas. I am happy it turned out really good. Do checkout the Recipe below. Youtube Channel : OurCrazycravings. Please like, share the video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel so we can grow together! I post videos every week so stay tuned and turn on your…

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

It’s December. The last month of this year. There is something about December. The holiday season, the snow, lights & Christmas. The city looks so pretty. Indeed the best time of the year. This year, I have been cooking a lot. Like I say 2020 = calories. Avoiding going out, or eating outside in this…

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4 Steps Peri Peri Makhane: Healthy Evening Snacks

Makhane with a twist. Your evening breaks can get healthier & chatpata with this recipe. It’s super easy and you know its good when none is left. 😛 Seeing how much the “Easy Healthy Evening Snacks: Puffed Rice Namkeen & Garlic Grilled Corn” was loved & appreciated, decided to put up another recipe for munching healthy…

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Spinach Alfredo Spaghetti Pasta

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.Federico Fellini I have always wanted to try cooking Spaghetti pasta. Seeing how restaurants serve the noodles curled up on the plate dipped in a sauce. On a cold day, a hot sphaghetti pasta immersed in white sauce along with something hot to drink. A good way to Netflix…

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Easy Healthy Evening Snacks: Puffed Rice Namkeen &Garlic Grilled Corn

For evening cravings, two very easy recipes that can be made with a cup of tea or coffee. I was surprised how quick they are with bare minimum ingredients. Puffed Rice Namkeen Ingredients 2 tbsp Olive Oil1/2 tsp turmeric powder1/2 tsp kashimiri mirch1/4 tsp red chilly powderSalt, chaat masala to taste3-4 chopped curry leavesPeanuts1 cup…

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Easy, Quick Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners

Last week we added a new equipment to our lovely kitchen, The Instant Pot. Heard a lot of good reviews about this device, how it can be used without worrying much about the food getting overcooked. Earlier, we had a pressure cooker that mostly households have. We decided for an upgrade to replace an old…

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Vada Pav: Heart of Mumbai

Mumbai! The city famous for its marine drive, Gateway of India, monsoons and street food. When I was back in India, Mumbai was among the top 5 places left I wanted to visit. Someday though. Talking about monsoon I remember, we always used to have pakode (Chickpea potato fried snack) with some coriander chutney back…

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Rasgulla : Sweet Puffed Balls of Joy

Ro-sho-gulla! That extra sweet, dipped in sugar syrup, soft, Bengali dessert. Spongier the better. Lockdown is all about cravings. Trying new things & improving our culinary skills. So here is another one. A very quick recipe for an extra sweet dessert. Always fascinated by how it is so soft & puffy, we had to try…

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Spinach White Sauce Pasta

Pesto sauce? Nope. Yesterday, I was craving to make pesto sauce, due to scarcity of ingredients I thought why not Spinach? A healthy but not so healthy version of white sauce pasta. I wish technology could do justice and we could feel the taste somehow. Expressing things would have been so much easier. So happy…

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3 Steps Jalapenos Egg Salad Sandwich

Breads and cheese always draw me towards them. Imagine entering a store or a bakery, that smell of freshly baked bread and hot cheese. Yah, that. Drool worthy. Just like that on our regular visit to do grocery, we bought this sour bread loaf, some cheese and pickled jalapenos. Assembled everything and jalapenos egg salad…

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Dragon Donuts!

We all have bucket lists, things we want to do, places we want to go. Well I have a separate bucket list for the things I want to cook. 😛 One of the desserts I always wondered and wanted to try my hands on is Donuts. That sweet dough with different varieties of icings &…

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Chocolate Hide & Seek Biscuit cake!

Ever had that instant dessert craving? I have them all the time. Almost after every meal. For an extra sweet tooth like mine, tried this instant 3 minute microwave cake with bare minimum ingredients. 😀 RECIPE INGREDIENTS 4 Hide & seek biscuitsPowdered sugarMilkBaking powder METHOD In a bowl mix crushed biscuits, milk, powdered sugar &…

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Pizza is all Heart!

It’s Friday. On a cold lazy weekend night, Pizza & Netflix seems to be the best way to chill (pun intended). Usually, we would order our circle of happiness or get it delivered at our door, but again too lazy to go out. So tried this amazing pizza recipe from dough to sauce at home…

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