Magnificent Maine: Acadia National Park

About Maine

The northeastern most state of United States of America, popularly known as “Vacation land”. With over four thousand Islands and massive coastline looking onto the Atlantic Ocean, Maine is beautiful indeed. It has the famous Acadia National Park and over 65 lighthouses more than any other state.

Our was a two day stay trip to this beautiful state, which included camping, trekking, sailing, trying out local markets, lighthouse and amazing views.


Day 1: Camping in Acadia National Park

Reach the camp site. Make your cozy tent. Start the wood fire. Enjoy your hot meal.

Camp it out in Acadia National Park. If you want to be close to nature & sleep in a silent place amidst the beauty of the greenery, definitely try this stay in. We camped at Acadia National Park for two nights at Hadley’s Point Campground. As we went in the peak holiday season, be sure to book in advance the camp sites. We took the one which had electric & water supply. They are very well maintained, have clean washrooms & also have the to option to buy wood fire inside the park.

Day 2: Exploring Acadia National Park

Let the day begin.

Located on the park loop road inside Acadia national park, Sandy beach has spectacular views to offer. Sun bath, make castles & enjoy the vast deep blue Atlantic Ocean.



On the park loop road two miles in the opposite direction of Sandy Beach, is Thunder Hole. Thunder hole has a history of making lullabies like sound whenever the ocean water splashes the huge rocks. It is said that air gets trapped inside the caves like rocks & when water hits it with great force, they make thunder like sounds. The timing matters if you want to experience this phenomenon.


Sit and relax at the otter cliffs and watch the Ocean Roar. At 110 feet above the sea level, these pink granite cliffs are definitely a must watch. They are 0.7 miles from the Thunder Hole on Park loop trail.


Witness the spectacular view of the Acadia National Park from the mountain top on the Cadillac Mountains. You can either hike or drive up to the mountain. Its the highest mountain in the national park with about 1530 foot peak. Its said that its the first spot where the sunshine hits US mornings. Buy a parking spot in advance if you want to drive up to the mountain to watch the sunrise.


An elevated trail up to the Acadia Mountain is worth the hike. Save the evening for this hike. I would say the hike up is moderate to tough but the view is worth the climb. Pack some snacks and water along with you and you will be good.



On the same Acadia Mountain Trail, take the trail loop with Man o War Brook Falls. Its a small water fall but the trail is pretty enjoyable. If you love hiking & trekking include this in your itinerary.


The Acadia National park has one very beautiful lake, the Jordan Pond. A pristine lake having clear water surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscapes. The two mountains surrounding the pond are called North Bubble & South Bubble. You can reach the pond by car. Parking can be easily found near by the pond on the park loop trail. Taking a dip inside the pond is prohibited because it supplies drinking water to nearby towns. You can trail a circular loop along the Jordan Pond.


Enjoy the beautiful sunset at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse is located inside the Acadia National Park. It was our first time watching a sunset from a mountain into an ocean. Be sure to come early at this spot as it can be overly crowded. As there is limited space to view the sunset, its always better to reserve a spot in advance.


Day 3: Bar Harbor Maine & Sunset Sail Cruise

Cruise, watch dolphins, stroll around the Bar Harbor city & enjoy the local cuisine.


Enjoy the beautiful sunset on a cruise sail at Bar Harbor, Maine. Its epic to watch sun going into the ocean surrounded by mountains. You can register for the cruise at: Margaret Todd. Costed us: $50 per person. Its an hour tour, if you get lucky you might see Dolphins around. We did. Unluckily it got cloudy for a clear sunset view, but the sail boat experience was a first time & something to remember.


Stroll around the Bar Harbor Maine city, a cute little city to be a bit touristy. They have local shops, restaurants & harbor to explore. Maine is famous for its Lobsters. If you are a lobster fan this city has so many restaurants to offer a goof lobster meal. I loved the vibe this city had.

Day 4: Wrap up

Last day we packed our tent & headed back to New Jersey. A long drive indeed.


If you are vegetarian, it can be a bit tricky to find food options in a city full of Sea food options. But we did find some places that didn’t disappoint us at all. A tip, if you struggle to find vegetarian options, always search for Vegan options. Almost every place has a nice vegan restaurant these days.

Here is a list of restaurants you can checkout in Maine or on your way from New Jersey.

Thank you for reading along. Hope this is helpful whenever you plan your next trip to Maine or Acadia National Park.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment or slide in a DM @ourcrazycravings.

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