Kayak Day Out!

It’s already August end, just another month of summer left here in New Jersey. It’s amazing how this year has made me appreciate simple things in life. A simple day at kayak could be so much fun. Its amazing how nature has so much to offer. How it surprises us.

Last weekend just to enjoy a good summer afternoon, we went kayaking. It was our first time here in USA trying Kayaking. Initially, I was a little apprehensive about whether we’ll be able to row it properly. I thought we might get stuck at one place.

But it was so much fun. We did collide with the edges of the lake. But it was such a great experience. The most exciting part was rowing under the bridge and singing out loud.

Kayaking under the Bridge

We took a ticket of 28$/boat for 2 hrs. There was a all day pass also for 45$/boat. Sanitized ourselves & good to go!

It was a beautiful little picnic on the boat. With home cooked food & some juice to drink along.

How are you guys spending your weekends this summer ?? Would love to hear about it! 😀

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