Half Way Done!~2020

June, almost half way through this year. With so much going around, there is so much this year has been, a learning experience. More than anything it’s about feeling different. Different emotions. Some days you feel optimistic about the days ahead and some, you just want to block everything things you are hearing, seeing or feeling!

Pandemic has changed us as humans (at least for me) and it’s better we realize it now. Introspect, learn and see what we are doing wrong. Be it towards our closest ones, nature, animals or environment.

Pushing myself, being productive and trying to stay motivated about this year & hoping to learn something through this pandemic. Here are the things I am doing during the 24/7 lock down.

Things I am doing & learning:

  • Cooking

Cooking has been an integral part in the quarantine days. As much as me & M love to travel, we love trying eating at different places. Due to pandemic, we have completely ruled out the option of eating outside. We have been cooking everything at home. That means EVERYTHING. It has been a fun ride trying different recipes, the items I have always hoped i wish i could make someday. Treating the taste buds well.

  • Exercising

Lazy bone, always been. As much as I enjoy working out, that initial motivation is very hard to get it going. Once on it, I love the feeling of a worked out body. This pandemic has taught us so much about our body, health, immunity & we are still learning. Skipping is another fun thing to do.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is running-1705716_1280.jpg
  • Blogging

Last year me & M, we traveled a lot. We just came back from our anniversary trip in March 1st week. Not knowing this would be our last for the coming months. Glad we could make it. Blogging our older trips is adding some work to my long endless days.

  • Decorating the house

Adding new show pieces to the house can really bring change in your daily life. Just trying to change the working environment. Still planning to add more plants to make it more vibrant & give a homely feel.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_4136.jpeg
New decor
  • Keeping in touch with family & friends a lot more

One thing pandemic is surely taught us is to keep in touch. A simple phone call or a video call can mean so much. Though having in-person conversations, meeting people I do miss and cannot be replaced. I have started valuing more, the family dinners & friends get together.

  • Self care

Taking more care about my health, skin, eating habits & drinking good amount of water.

  • Brushing my technical skills

Apart from all the other things, learning new technologies. Studying about them and reading.

Wishing you a happy & safe quarantine.

What all you learnt & tried this quarantine??? How did/is it going for you guys???

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